RetentionAt the completion of active orthodontic treatment (when braces are removed), it will be necessary to wear retaining appliances. Retainers are necessary to make sure shifting (or unwanted movement) of teeth does not occur. It takes an indefinite amount of time for teeth to stabilize after orthodontic teeth movement.

It is also important to understand that tooth movement after orthodontic treatment can occur throughout life. Therefore, wearing a retainer on a limited basis (usually nighttime wear) throughout life may be necessary.

There are basically two types of retaining appliances: fixed retainers and removable retainers. Fixed retainers are small wires attached to the back surfaces of teeth that can only be removed by Dr. White or Dr. Hewitt. These retainers are not harmful to the teeth if good oral hygiene is maintained. Removable retainers, on the other hand, can be taken out of the mouth by the patient. Wearing removable retainers as prescribed by Dr. White or Dr. Hewitt is extremely important.

Not wearing retainers as requested can result in teeth shifting. If enough shifting takes place, retainers will not properly fit, and new retainers will need to be made. Significant shifting might even require replacing the braces to re-align the teeth.

Your fee for orthodontic treatment includes the cost of making and inserting retaining appliances, which are placed immediately after the braces are removed. However, additional charges will be made for lost or broken retainers or for appliances that have to be re-made because of insufficient wear.

Please carefully read the accompanying retainer brochure that contains instructions on wear and care of retainers. Again, retainers are only effective if they are worn as instructed by Dr. White or Dr. Hewitt.

Properly wearing retainers will ensure that you have a beautiful smile for a lifetime.

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