What Age Should My Child Visit The Orthodontist?

What Age Should My Child Visit The Orthodontist?
Posted on 10/04/2019
What Age Should My Child Visit The Orthodontist?

Visiting an orthodontist at an early age can help detect emerging problems, as well as helping plan for the appropriate treatments at the appropriate times as your child is growing. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children’s first visit to the orthodontist should be at age seven. However, your dentist may recommend an earlier visit if there are specific concerns.

Why an Early Orthodontist Visit is Important

While many people think their child doesn’t need to see an orthodontist until they are approaching their teen years, early visits to the orthodontist have several benefits:

  • Identifying issues with jaw growth and teeth that are emerging
  • Preventing more serious are and complex treatments later in life with early intervention
  • Correcting oral habits, such as thumb sucking, before they impact permanent teeth
  • Reducing the risk of injury if your child has bite problems
  • Improving developing speech patterns

Your First Visit to the Orthodontist

The goals of your first visit to the orthodontist, are to get to know the orthodontist and the staff, as well as to identify any issues. The visit typically includes:

  • Providing basic information, your child’s dental and medical history, and family history.
  • The orthodontist will perform a visual examination of the teeth and gums.
  • X-rays will be taken to help identify any hidden issues, as well as to document the orthodontic starting point if treatment is needed.
  • The orthodontist will review the results as to whether your child will need treatment or not.
  • If treatment is needed, your orthodontist will provide a thorough recommendation regarding treatment and when treatment should begin.
  • An estimate of treatment costs and what insurance will cover.

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