Why Summer is the Best Time for Kids to Get Braces

Why Summer is the Best Time for Kids to Get Braces
Posted on 08/01/2020
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Summer is here! Drs. Richard White and Whitney Hewitt are ready to see patients and now is the perfect time to set up your child’s orthodontic treatment, such as clear braces! There are many reasons why the summertime is the perfect season and best time for kids to get braces. 

Lighter Kids’ Schedule

Now that the school semester is over, your children (and yourself) should begin to experience a lighter schedule. Take advantage of your kid’s free time and start the process of orthodontic treatment since school isn’t taking up their time. This is the perfect time to be able to freely schedule their orthodontic appointments with White Orthodontics during our regular business hours.

Recovery in The Comfort of Their Own Home

Once your child’s orthodontic treatments begin, you may discover that their follow up visits may result in some discomfort in the days that follow their appointments. Tightening dental archwires, placing orthodontic spacers in between teeth, and adding additional rubber bands between brackets may be uncomfortable. If you were to start your child’s braces treatment during the summer in lieu of the fall, instead of having to head straight to class after their orthodontic appointment, they would be able to go home and relax while dealing with their achy gums and teeth. 

Extra Time at Home Frees Up Time For Dental Care

After your child has received braces, their dental care regimen may become more stringent. Not only do they have to maintain the same habits they did before receiving braces, they will need to increase the frequency of healthy habits. Instead of brushing once or twice daily, they’ll have to increase their brushing times to once after every meal and once before bedtime. They’ll also have to keep flossing their teeth by using special braces-friendly techniques such as using a water flosser or by using a floss threader. If your child begins their orthodontic treatment during the fall, it will be very tough (though not impossible) to practice and streamline these habits. 

White Orthodontics Is Seeing New & Current Patients—So Schedule An Appointment, Today!

Braces are key to making your child’s smile more beautiful and healthier—the most important thing is not at what point during the year your child begins their treatment, but rather that they begin when they are ready to make the commitment and are ready to take on the responsibilities that come with this orthodontic treatment. If you feel you and your child are ready to take this on, start this summer (the best time in our opinion)! Contact our O’Fallon office directly at (636) 978-9585 or our Florissant office at (314) 838-8762 to schedule your appointment, today!