Should I Get Invisalign If I Have Missing Teeth?

Should I Get Invisalign If I Have Missing Teeth?
Posted on 10/15/2020
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Whenever you communicate with anyone, whether it be a family member, friends, a co-worker, or possible love interest, your mouth immediately becomes one of the central focal points on your face. This is why missing teeth is easily one of the most noticeable traits a person can have. Missing teeth is also very easily a sore spot for people, because it can affect their appearance and undermine their confidence. On top of these effects, there are also possible underlying health issues that can occur when one is missing teeth. So how do you begin to repair your smile? Can you get Invisalign when you’re missing a tooth or various teeth? The short answer is yes. Allow our team of doctors explain why you can get Invisalign as well as why you should.

Benefits of Wearing Invisalign If You’re Missing Teeth

There are many benefits to choosing Invisalign when wanting to fix your smile while missing one or more of your teeth. If you think that missing teeth will get in the way of your Invisalign clear aligners doing a good job straightening your teeth, you couldn’t be more wrong! The fact that you’re missing teeth can actually be a good thing. The extra space in the row of your teeth will allow your teeth to be moved and aligned with more ease. This will also aid your teeth in aligning to the perfect position in order to allow for a replacement tooth (or teeth) to be placed. Furthermore, once your teeth are well-aligned and your replacement tooth has been inserted, you’ll be able to avoid cavities or tooth decay due to crowding (misaligned) teeth, your evenly spaced teeth will allow for evenly distributed work during chewing (which means less wear and tear on some teeth), and your teeth and gums will finally be more readily cleanable as your floss and toothbrush can now reach places that weren’t possible before!

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