Why So Many People Are Turning to Orthodontics During the Pandemic

Why So Many People Are Turning to Orthodontics During the Pandemic
Posted on 06/29/2021

Interest has risen since the coronavirus pandemic started, and for good reason

At White Orthodontics, we have noticed pretty big changes during the pandemic; not only how we treat patients, but why patients are coming to us in the first place. Since the pandemic lockdown of last year, more and more people are turning to orthodontists to fix their smiles. Since more people are working from home online, we are forced to be on Zoom calls for hours. This means having to stare at our faces in a sometimes unflattering light; identifying flaws that maybe you haven’t recognized before. And that’s not the only reason why people are turning to orthodontic treatment during the pandemic.

A Boom Because of Zoom?

Over the past ten-plus years, social media has had a huge impact on people and their self-image. Filtered feeds and photoshopped photos on social media have been plaguing people’s mental health and body image. And now that people are video conferencing for hours at a time, people are becoming even more self-critical about their insecurities. Looking at your face constantly for hours can be stressful, so people have been seeking non-invasive ways to change their looks, including orthodontics.

Because people are wanting to change their smiles, many are turning to aligners. With Invisalign, many patients find they don’t have to drastically change their habits and lifestlye. You can eat whatever you want and brush/floss your teeth regularly. Now with many people stuck at home, users see the pandemic as the perfect time to wear their Invisalign in the privacy of their own home. Since a lot of people aren’t going out in public, they don’t have to worry about losing them at a restaurant or at work. This makes the pandemic a convenient time for many.

Health Reasons

Another reason why people are turning to orthodontics is the increased stress levels related to the pandemic. According to the American Dental Association, the pandemic has increased stress, which has led people to teeth grinding, clenching, chipped/cracked teeth, and jaw pain. These problems have made people turn to orthodontists for help.

Braces, overall, fix problems related to oral health. Besides aesthetic reasons, braces help:

  • Improve ability to chew food & digestion
  • Alleviate speech impairment
  • Make it easier to brush, clean, and floss teeth
  • Reduce cavities and periodontal disease
  • Reduce grinding and chipping of teeth
  • Reduce the risk of injury from protruding teeth
  • Improve jaw alignment- Reduces risk of TMJ/TMD disorders
  • Prevent bone erosion

These are just some of the benefits of getting braces!

We’ll Help You Get Started!

If you're thinking about great braces or aligners, there is no better time to start. Because of the pandemic, you will have more time to care for yourself and your braces/aligners. At White Orthodontics, we are happy to answer any questions you have. Our doctors and staff are implementing the necessary procedures in our office to protect our patients from COVID-19. Contact us today to make an appointment! We are excited to help you get started on your journey to better oral health!