What to Expect When Getting Your Braces Removed

What to Expect When Getting Your Braces Removed
Posted on 03/01/2022

So the day has finally come, it's time to get your braces off and reveal the newly straightened smile that you have been waiting for! You’ve scheduled an appointment with your Florissant family orthodontist and you are getting ready to see your new teeth for the first time, unadorned by wires, brackets, and rubber bands. Before you run down to your appointment, our team here at White Orthodontics has a few important things you should know when you are going to get your braces removed. Whether you are getting Florissant kid's braces removed or if you have adult braces, check out these tips on what to expect for getting your braces removed!

Adjusting Your Expectations

One of the first things to do when heading to your Florissant family orthodontist to get your braces removed is to make sure that you haven’t set your expectations too high. It can be jarring to see a new smile in your mouth, especially when you are used to seeing crooked teeth so try to remember to give yourself time to adjust to your new look and you will absolutely learn to love your new smile!

Stains Can Be A Pain

An important part of orthodontics is keeping up excellent oral hygiene during your Florissant kids braces treatment in order to make sure your teeth stay healthy but also to prevent staining around your braces. If you didn’t brush and floss your teeth as much as you should have during your treatment, you may have some stains in the shape of braces, but they will quickly fade as time passes.

The Procedure Itself

Here at White Orthodontics, your Florissant family orthodontist, we take pride in providing effective treatment while helping our patients feel secure and comfortable about their teeth. The process of removing braces does require the use of orthodontic tools to loosen wires and scrape off brace-glue residue so don’t be too concerned when you see your orthodontist pulling out some mini-piers or scraping tools.

Start Loving Your New Smile

The most important thing to do when your braces come off is to congratulate yourself for all of the hard work you put in and to appreciate your newly straight smile. Not only will you now feel more confident in your smile, but your oral health will likely improve without gaps and overlaps in your teeth. The next step is about taking care of your teeth going forward so all of that work wasn’t for nothing. This may involve using a retainer or simply brushing and flossing twice a day. Contact White Orthodontics to learn more about getting Florissant kids braces or to schedule an appointment with our orthodontic team!