Adolescent treatment

Phase II and adolescent comprehensive treatment

At White Orthodontics, our board-certified orthodontists and dental team provide expert Phase II orthodontic care for adolescents all across O’Fallon & Florissant, Missouri. The most common time for adolescent orthodontic treatment is between ages 10-14, and for a good reason! By age 12, most young teenagers’ permanent teeth have erupted and are in place, allowing our team to easily detect crooked or misaligned teeth, large gaps between teeth, and any structural problems with the jaw. These common orthodontic problems won’t correct themselves over time, so it’s crucial for parents to seek out our professional orthodontic opinion right away for their young teenagers!

The best age for braces

During a child’s early adolescence, many negative associations with braces are not present; making it the perfect time for orthodontic appliances! Many adolescent children in Florissant & O’Fallon undergo orthodontic treatment from ages 10-14, helping to inspire their peers to join the continuously growing braces club! From fully customizable rubber band colors on their brackets to detailed designs on their retainers, your young teenager will want to look cool and fit in with their peers at school.

Benefits of braces during adolescent growth spurts

Aside from the benefits of fitting in with their friends, children who are in their early years of adolescence are growing rapidly, and our orthodontists can usually take advantage of these growth spurts to help shape their bite and teeth correctly. Children at this age also have high metabolisms, which can help shorten overall treatment time and reduce the discomfort of their orthodontic appliances.

The benefits of adolescent treatment include:

  • Shorter orthodontic treatment period
  • Less discomfort from appliances while teeth are growing
  • No negative connotations with wearing braces


After your teen completes the primary portion of Phase II orthodontic treatment, it’s important that they understand all of their hard work and dedication isn’t over quite yet. Post-orthodontic care and retention begin right after primary treatment ends, and our doctors will work with your teen to provide a retainer that fits their needs and lifestyle to perfection. We recommend your teen wears their customized retainer as much as possible for the first three to six months, then wears it every night for the rest of their lives!

Get in touch with your Florissant & O'Fallon orthodontists for Phase II treatment!

With years of hands-on experience treating young patients, our team at White Orthodontics in O’Fallon & Florissant, MO, can confidently diagnose your teenager’s orthodontic needs for Phase II treatment right away.

Whether your young teen is wanting traditional metal braces, or they are interested in clear aligners, be sure to contact us to schedule their first orthodontic examination between ages 10-14!